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November 2002

Math Literacy
Celebrate a Math Week in your classroom!
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

In an effort to further the cause of math literacy, Digi-Block has created Math Literacy Week along with standards based lessons to support it. The celebration concluded in October, but the lesson plans and resources are still available for use.
The site uses adequate spacing and child friendly graphics to keep the pages neat.
Math Literacy is user friendly. Access to the content is provided through graphical links on the main page. A link back to the home page as well as to the other areas is available on all pages.
Looking for a way to create interest and an appreciation for math literacy in your classroom? Math is the place to visit. Although the celebration was held in October, 2002, teachers can use the ideas here to plan a math celebration of their own. Lesson plans and activities are available for a week's worth of learning and math awareness. "Each day, students will explore the many ways that mathematics plays a role in the world and in their daily lives." Each lesson includes suggestions for grades k-1, 2-3, and 4-5. Included are at "At Home Activities" for extending the learning beyond the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to contribute their own ideas and lessons to help make this an annual event. A handful of lessons contributed by teachers are included in the daily activities.

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