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S I T E     R E V I E W

November 2002

Spectrum Home & School Magazine
Lots of quality, free content, including whole children's books!
Grade Level: Professional, Parents

Spectrum Home and School Magazine offers teachers, students and homeschoolers more than two hundred pages of free K-12 educational content.
The site has a simple layout that uses color for emphasis. Flashing banner ads, that can be distracting, are present.
Navigation through the site is relatively easy, facilitated by a top navigation bar on all pages. A link back to the home page is included. The center panel of the home page could be utilized more intelligently, pointing out the site's strengths (language arts, for example) and de-emphasizing the areas that aren't as strong (math & science). Instead, the site leaves the top nav bar alone as its only navigation strategy.
The site's content is grouped into six categories: Early Learning, Math and Science, Language Arts, Current Events, Social Studies, and Brain Teasers. The original content includes activity sheet printouts for early learners, illustrated stories and poems, biographies, interactive multimedia modules, and much more. Visitors age twelve through adult can enjoy a complete online novel, From the Shadows. Included are activities to go along with the popular Harry Potter books, illustrated poems, lots of jokes and riddles kids will love and more than thirty biographies of people in history from John Adams to Thomas Edison to Sitting Bull and George Washington.

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