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November 2002

Fire Administration Kids Page
An important (and fun) site for kids to visit; kids start 100,000 fires per year!
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5

The United States Fire Administration has created this educational and entertaining site for children that includes games, puzzles, and lesson plans.
The layout is child friendly with large type, bold colors and lots of graphics.
Large navigation buttons lead children to the various activities. All pages have a link at the top that points back to the home page.
This engaging site has lots of activities that teach children about fire safety. They will find information, activities, games, and quizzes about smoke alarms, escape planning, and home fire safety, There are also crosswords, word search, and a coloring book. The parent/teacher link offers points for discussions about fire safety; lesson plans for pre-k 3, answers to the quizzes, and resources. Finally, an online quiz is offered for students to take in order to become a Junior Fire Marshall and receive an official Junior Fire Marshal Certificate.

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