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November 2002

Personal Best
A site for runners by a high school, winner of a ThinkQuest Platinum Award!
Grade Level: 9-12, Advanced

Personal Best is a Platinum winner in the high-school division of ThinkQuest.
The site has an easy to read, user-friendly format with good photos and nice graphics. Registration is required to keep statistics but it is free.
An index on the right side of the pages makes navigation easy. All pages have a link back to the homepage.
A team of high school students at Towson High School, Maryland created this site for the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge. It offers runners a way to keep track of their personal statistics over a period of time. By creating a free account either as an athlete or a coach, users can enter the numbers and with a few clicks see a graph of their performance. The site also provides information for runners through a series of interviews with track team members and coaches.

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