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October 2002

ClassZone's Web Research Guide
Learn the ins and outs of Web research!
Grade Level: 6-8

ClassZone Web Research Guide is a tutorial aimed at teaching middle school students to research, evaluate, and properly cite Web sites.
The easy-to-read layout has simple graphics and soothing colors.
The main page has sections of the guide listed as links and subsequent pages provide a link back to the home page as well as a navigation menu to the other parts of the site.
ClassZone provides this excellent Web Research Guide for middle school students. The Guide can be used with an entire class or assigned as independent work for students. Various sections cover the use of search tools, how to conduct systematic research, evaluating sites for authenticity and usefulness, how to cite electronic sources, and basic Internet terminology. Students begin with a quiz to test basic Internet knowledge. After working through the tutorial lessons and activities, the student then takes the Internet Expert Quiz to show what they have learned. There is a teacher's guide that gives an overview of the site and a glossary of Internet terms. Included is an annotated list of recommended Web sites for each of the major subject areas.

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