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October 2002
Updated JUNE, 2007

Canadian Botanical Conservation Network -- For Kids
A site for kids about biodiversity and botany.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Advanced, Professional

This CBCN site for kids is full of information and explanations about biodiversity, plant growth, and conservation. It offers an extensive dictionary with click-able links in the text section explaining the terms as you read through the site. There are also illustrations and photographs available throughout the site to make the content more understandable.
The site's main page, with a highly decorative font against a textured background, is a bit busy, but once you get into the site, the frames that present most of the content are easier to look at.
You enter this site by clicking on a graphic. Every page beyond the site entrance has a sidebar menu with links to all the other sections. Additionally you can move through the site by clicking on the Next link at the bottom of each page.
The CBCN site for kids was created by the Botanical Conservation Office. Their goal is to help others realize how important it is to conserve plant diversity. The site has fairly comprehensive information regarding Canadian plants. Its Dictionary pages are extensive and the site asks for submissions from readers. The site offers a place to look at the plants and also which of these plants is endangered from each Canadian province. What is biodiversity? explains how important it is for all populations to conserve plants and ecosystems. Plant anatomy is thoroughly explored throughout the site. There are examples of experiments that could be done by kids to answer various questions. In addition there are quizzes and a listing of links to continue to explore the subject.

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