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October 2002

Amazing Space
Out of this world activities!
Grade Level: K-12


Amazing Space offers interactive, Web-based activities designed by teachers and staff of the Space Telescope Science Institute located in Baltimore, Maryland. Many of these lessons were created in 1996, but are updated and include current photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope as well as videos and animations that will spark student interest in space science.
The site is attractive, colorful, and engaging. QuickTime and Macromedia's Shockwave Player are required for viewing. It can take a while to load on a slow connection. For those without the necessary technology tools, each lesson has been developed so that it can be easily modified to be used offline with the downloadable worksheets.
Each of the eight modules can be accessed directly from the main page by clicking on the image map. The module then opens in a new window and has its own navigation tools that are easy to follow.
Amazing Space lives up to its name! Students from kindergarten to high school are sure to love the fun and interactive activities offered on this site and will learn lots doing them. Activities include sending a comet smashing into Jupiter in Planet Impact, exploring an eerie celestial phenomena in the Truth About Black Holes, collecting Solar System Trading Cards to learn about the objects in the solar system, training to be a scientist at the Hubble Deep Field Academy and much more. Each of the activities has an extensive teacher's page that includes lesson plans tied to national science standards, science background information, links to resources used in the lesson and more. Included is a Whats New section and a Gallery of the latest photographs and news releases.

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