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S I T E     R E V I E W

Students get to role-play NASA occupations!
Grade Level: 5-8

Astro-Venture, by NASA Quest, is an interactive multimedia site that gives students in grades 5-8 the opportunity to search for and create a planet suitable for human habitation while role-playing NASA occupations.
The site is colorful and engaging. Special plug-ins are required, so be sure to check out the technical requirements. Scripts are provided for the content of the animations in an effort to make the experience accessible to everyone, whether or not you have access to computers with multimedia capabilities that are up to the task.
The site is well organized and user-friendly. The various sections of the site are listed in a table of contents on the main page. Students are guided through the modules by both text and audio presentations of the instructions.
Students are sure to enjoy the interactivity of this adventure. They will be guided through four training modules as they learn how astronomy, geology, atmospheric science, and biology affect a planet's ability to support human life. After each training session, students are given a mission to complete, using scientific inquiry, to select a planet and star system that meets the requirements for human habitation. The final mission requires students to use all of the knowledge they have acquired to create a simulated planet that has all the characteristics in each of the four areas required to make it habitable to humans. Additionally, there is a Teacher/Parent section with lesson plans and suggestions for use, career fact sheets, and other related resources. This is a web site you don't want to miss!

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