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October 2002

The Best of History Web Sites
History portal for teachers and students
Grade Level: 9-12, Advanced, Professional

The Best of History Web Sites portal was developed teacher Thomas Daccord, at the Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, Massachusetts, for history teachers and students. It provides links to some of the best history resources on the Internet, rated and categorized.
The pages are attractive and easily read. Text and background colors work well together. The muted color scheme creates a grown-up look that should appeal to high school students.
The left-side menu list the ten history categories, as well as lesson plans, multimedia, and research. Clicking on a category name displays a sub-menu for quickly finding information. There is also a drop-down menu at the top of each page.
Resources at this site are well organized into ten categories, including: Prehistory, Ancient/Biblical, Medieval, U.S. History, Early Modern European, 20th Century, World War II, Art History, General Resources, and Maps. All categories are further divided into sub-groups. Each of the annotated Web links is rated for quality using a five star system, five for outstanding. Included are sections for the best lesson plans/activities, multimedia, and research, as well as a free monthly newsletter. There is also a special section on Teaching with Technology with a handful of articles and links to current research on using technology in the classroom. The site is still growing, with new sections in the works for publication soon.

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