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October 2002

Math Fact Cafe
Tools and resources for elementary math
Grade Level: K-5

The home page of this site offers links to pages where you can print flash cards for grades 14 addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Pre-made worksheets are also available. There is also a page available where you can design your own worksheet.
Simple graphics on this homepage allow easy access to each section of this site. White backgrounds make reading the pages easy. This site is visually attractive.
This site offers links from the homepage to all its features. It is easy to move from one area to another. The help feature is an easy way to get information about the site.
The home page of this site offers links to all the other features Pre-Made offers fact sheets for grades 1-4, and Flashcards has printable cards for grades 1-3 with 4th grade coming soon. Build Your Own allows you to choose problem type, font size, division answers with choices such as whole numbers, ranges for the numbers used in the problems, and the amount of space available on the page for working area. Newsletters are available from January 2001. You can sign up to be sent current newsletters as they come out. In addition, you can sign up for notification of new features added to the site. The relax and play a game section allows you to play the peg game made popular at CrackerBarrel restaurants. This site offers a tremendous resource for teachers of grades 1-4 in math. Easy to use and print, the worksheets and flashcards can be valuable for teachers and parents of children at these grade levels.

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