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August 2002

Kid Crosswords and Other Puzzles
Entertaining word puzzles.


This interactive site is loaded with educational crossword puzzles and word searches on a variety of topics.
The site has a tablet background with small animated graphics. A Java-enabled browser is required. Ad banners are present that may be misleading for younger students.
The puzzles are listed in a table of contents on the front page of the site; internal pages have a bottom navigation bar with a link back to the home page.
Kid Crosswords and Other Puzzles will provide hours of interactive learning fun for your students. If you are worried about younger students contending with the ads, there are printable versions of the puzzles. The current topics include first aid, American presidents, nutrition, birds, pollution, mountains, and more. A how-to guide for using the puzzles online is available for first-time visitors as well as an answer key for each puzzle. There is also a large archive of past puzzles and a link to other kid sites by the same author.


Review by Hazel Jobe
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