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S I T E     R E V I E W

August 2002

A place to share ideas and knowledge.
GRADE LEVEL: Professional, Parents


Share2Learn, a site for teachers, students, and parents, is "dedicated to facilitating contact between and among people on all learning paths, recognizing that we are all connected through our ideas and experiences."
The site uses wide margins, color, and easy-to-read text in a very simple but attractive layout.
The site is user-friendly and easily navigated. The main areas of the site are linked on the front page, and all subsequent pages have a link back to the home page.
Share2Learn is built on the beliefs, among others, that "sharing ideas and knowledge is what expands us as people" and "all students are also teachers, all teachers are also students, and all parents are also students and teachers." Users are invited to share their best practices, inspirations, recommended books, articles, and Web sites. Many of the articles are geared to whole language, but there is a comprehensive annotated list of educational Web sites. The classroom ideas contributed by practicing teachers will come in handy for new teachers, student teachers, and experienced teachers. Here, you will find ideas for beginning the school year, the classroom environment, literacy, integrating math and literature, homework, parent involvement, and more.


Review by Hazel Jobe
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