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August 2002

National Geographic GeoBee Challenge
Test your geography knowledge

This site features interactive geography quizzes that are geared toward students in grades 4-8 and are related to the National Geographic Society's annual Geographic Bee.
The GeoBee uses bright, child-friendly graphics that load very quickly and require no special plug-ins. Even classrooms with low bandwidth will find it useful.
Navigation is as simple as clicking on the answer of choice and being transported to the next question. Previous quizzes are available from the navigation bar at the bottom of the main page.
The GeoBee Challenge is a great way for teachers to incorporate geography into the classroom. Interactive quizzes with only five short geography-related questions are posted daily, enabling students to participate in the challenge frequently. The National Geographic Society prepares all the material, and questions are similar to the ones asked in the annual Geographic Bee. Students are encouraged to try again if they answer a question incorrectly. Challenges for the three previous days are also posted. Included is a link to information on how to register and participate for prizes in the annual National Geographic Bee.

Review by Hazel Jobe
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