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August 2002

Updated JUNE, 2007

Embassy of France: Just for Kids
Virtual tour of the French Embassy in Washington, D.C.


This site offers lots of information about the country of France, from its geography to culture and the arts.
The use of color, child-friendly graphics, and adequate spacing make the pages neat and attractive.
A front-page image map provides access to the seven sections of the site. Internal pages have a left-side menu for navigating among the sections.
The Embassy of France: Just for Kids is a good starting point for students to get a glimpse of the country and culture or for teachers wanting quick facts to add to an area study. The content is organized into seven sections: France at a Glance, History and Geography, Culture and Art, Economy, Life in France, Apprends le France and Jeux Games. Students who are studying the French language can practice their skills by reading the articles from a French children's magazine. Although they are written entirely in French, each story has clickable words that display their English equivalents to help with understanding. Visitors to the site can also listen to an interview with the French ambassador or an audio clip of the national anthem.

Review by Hazel Jobe
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