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S I T E     R E V I E W

August 2002

Middle school computer technologies journal.
GRADE LEVEL: Professional


This online journal, published by graduate students at North Carolina State University, focuses on research and practice of computer technology in middle school classrooms.
With a minimum of graphics and a clever use of JavaScript, the site is attractive and user-friendly. PDF versions are available for printing.
The main page has a left-side navigation menu as well as a bottom navigation bar that leads to the major sections of the site. Internal pages have a top and a bottom navigation bar for ease of movement within the site.
This electronic journal is dedicated to sharing and expanding teaching and learning with computer technologies in middle school classrooms and beyond. It offers a wealth of information for faculty, students, and practicing teachers, as well as an outlet for publishing research, articles, book excerpts, and commentary. The current issue includes articles dealing with such topics as school violence, gender differences in technology use, image processing, virtual field trips, and technology use in the earth sciences. All back issues of the journal are available in the Archive.

Review by Hazel Jobe
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