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August 2002

The Magpie Sings the Great Depression
Student life during the Great Depression.

This site features poems, articles, and short stories that give a glimpse of student life in New York City during the Great Depression.
Wide margins, large text, and well-placed photographs to break up the text make the site user-friendly and attractive.
A top and a bottom navigation bar make navigation simple. Visitors can browse the content by year, author/artist, subject, and images.
The Magpie is the literary magazine of DeWitt Clinton High School in New York City. This site presents articles, poems, short stories, photographs, and graphics from the magazine that cover the years 1929 to 1942. Students can get a glimpse of what the life of high school students in New York City was like during the Great Depression. These selections from the Magpie are not only representative of student life at that time but also a great example of how powerful literary magazines can be for those who contribute to them as well as to those who read them.

Review by Hazel Jobe
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