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August 2002

Untold Stories of D-Day
An account of the Normandy invasion


Part of the larger National Geographic Magazine, this site gives a multimedia account of the Normandy invasion and the days leading up to it.
This professionally created site is user-friendly and attractive. FlashPlayer, RealPlayer, and Windows Media Player are needed and can be downloaded from the site.
The site is well organized and easy to navigate. Links to the main areas of the site are clearly marked on the main page, and each page has a link back to the main feature.
History teachers, students, and anyone with an interest in World War II will enjoy this site. Untold Stories of D-Day features an excerpt from the print article, exclusive photographs with the facts behind them, and a printable map with annotations. Best click is the Sights and Sounds: Multimedia Special, where author Tom Allen takes you back to the days leading up to the Normandy invasion. The Memory Book includes oral histories from five survivors and gives visitors the opportunity to add their own stories. Related links, bibliography, and more facts are available in the More to Explore area.

Review by Hazel Jobe
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