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July 2002

I Love That Teaching Idea
Free teaching ideas
GRADE LEVEL: Professional


This site has products for sale, but it also features a large collection of free teaching ideas and reproducibles for almost any subject area that are appropriate for elementary classrooms.
The layout is a simple table with a few small graphics and bright colors.
The "Bright Ideas" are categorized and listed as a navigation index on the left side of the pages. A handy search tool is also available.
I Love That Teaching Idea has a wealth of creative teaching ideas for elementary teachers. Listed as "Bright Ideas," topics include all the major subject areas and other areas of interest to teachers, from assessment to bulletin boards to classroom management to learning centers and substitutes. All the ideas are annotated, and an appropriate grade level is noted. Included is a section of work sheets and reproducibles for math, science, language arts, holidays, and more. The Teacher Tips include general helpful ideas for everything from making tempera paint shiny to storing chart paper. The site also offers a free monthly newsletter for teachers that will deliver free teaching ideas right to your e-mail box.

Review by Hazel Jobe
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