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May 2002

Professional Teacher
Online resource for teacher license renewal.
GRADE LEVEL: Professional


Canter and Associates offers this Web site designed to support the professional development efforts of K-12 classroom teachers and simplify the license renewal process.
The site is mostly text-based but has a pleasing, easy-to-read layout.
A top menu bar allows navigating to the main areas of the site and returning to the home page. Information for a particular state can be accessed by using the drop-down menu or clicking on a state in the image map.
Cater and Associates, creator of Professional Teacher and a professional development provider, is, of course, interested in selling its products. But the site presents enough free information to make the visit worthwhile. The majority of states require that teachers maintain a current teaching license, and a large portion of Professional Teacher is devoted to helping teachers through the process. This site has done the legwork for you by gathering the recertification information in one easily accessible place. Teachers will also find tips for resume writing along with templates, job search assistance, job descriptions, salary comparisons, and more in the Career Center.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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