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May 2002

ESL Magazine Online
Resource for ESL/EFL teachers
GRADE LEVEL: Professional


ESL Magazine Online is the companion Web site for the print ESL Magazine that serves English as a second or foreign language professionals.
This is a no-frills, text-based site, but it is easy to navigate and offers informative articles.
Index bars at the top and bottom of each page for the whole site and individual sections make navigating easy.
ESL Magazine Online offers English language teachers a wealth of information on all aspects of ESL/EFL. Articles by some of the leading educators in the field cover issues concerning instruction, testing, technology, professional life,and more. A collection of articles from Christine Meloni offers ESL/EFL professionals the best Web sites that can be used in the classroom. In addition to the articles, the site offers information about trends, news, and services. Included is a directory of links to other ESL/EFL Web sites.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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