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May 2002

Biology Online
Everything Biology
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12, Advanced


Biology Online offers information in the biological sciences in the form of tutorials, a biology dictionary, and a searchable collection of biology Web sites.
This text-based site uses a large font, wide margins, and a neat layout to make reading easier on the eyes.
The content is divided into three main areas: Tutorials, Dictionary and Links, all available from the top and bottom navigation bar.
This is a great site for homework, research projects, or general interest. The online dictionary contains almost 2,000 terms and can be searched by keyword or by partial spellings or manually by using the directory. The comprehensive directory of Web sites contains a collection of more than 200 links categorized by topic. These can be searched alphabetically or by topic using the site search tool. The tutorials are grouped into nine categories. Each category has several tutorials available on various topics such as cell basics, meiosis, hormone production, energy relationships, and much more.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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