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May 2002

The Visible Human Server
Virtual anatomic construction kit
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12, Advanced


The Visible Human Server, offered by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, is an interactive site that allows users to view the human anatomical structures in 3-D.
This site uses Java applet technology to deliver the images. It works best with the latest version of browser software. Free registration is required for full use of the site.
The five main areas of the site are available from the left-side navigation bar. The viewing applets open in a separate window and include instructions for use.
This amazing site explores the world of human anatomy. Using the applet tools, visitors can slice and extract different structures of the human anatomy models for viewing. There is also an option of building your own model or creating animations. The 3-D Anatomical Structure Viewer allows users to edit and select anatomic models, save a 3-D scene and record animations. The Visible Human Video Editor "enables teachers to create anatomic video presentations incorporating animations, sound, and cursor movements." There are handy help files available for each area of the site.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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