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May 2002

A Maths Dictionary for Kids
An interactive dictionary of math terms.


A Maths Dictionary for Kids, by Jenny Eather, is a site rich with math definitions, examples, and activities. The site is alphabetically arranged with a list of math terms for each letter. When you choose the term you want to learn about, it appears in a box on the right, usually along with working examples or activities to demonstrate the concept.
This site is colorful and attractive. The graphics support the content. Flash Player is required and can be downloaded at the site.
Extremely easy to navigate, the site's main page is designed with two white boxes in the middle of the page. Under those boxes, the ABC's appear. To get a listing of all terms available for each letter, simply click on the letter. The terms appear in the left-hand box. When you click on one of the terms, the information about it appears in the box on the right.
This impressive site defines and gives examples of 300 or more math terms. In addition, most terms become working examples of their concepts. For example, visitors can watch as an animation builds Base 10 blocks to 100 and then build their own numbers. Students can check out multiple examples of Fibonacci numbers. Clicking on the term number gives users examples of Hindu Arabic, Roman, Even, Odd, Ordinal, and Whole Numbers. Students can learn about subjects ranging from basic numeration through advanced math areas such as trigonometry. The use of quizzes, demonstrations, and working examples makes the site very user friendly. For any math student, this is an excellent resource in addition to being lots of fun!


Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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