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May 2002

Healthy Teeth
Oral health education database.


Healthy Teeth is an oral health education database developed by the Nova Scotia Dental Association. Information and illustrations related to teeth, gums, cavities, braces, and prevention are included. A colorful and informative movie is provided dealing with a visit to the dentist. A teacher's guide, activities, and experiments are also available. The site was written to be integrated into the oral health curriculum in grades 3 through 6.
Clean text and clear illustrations make this a pleasant site to visit. The text size is appropriate for the grade levels intended.
Healthy Teeth's home page features a link to each section, and an animated tooth invites visitors to "Click me to go on A VISIT TO THE DENTIST." This site is very easy to navigate.
An excellent source of information on oral health, Healthy Teeth provides child-friendly graphics and text. It would be of real value to any teacher or student studying oral health and healthy oral health habits. It is graphically appealing and its information is grade appropriate for grades 3 through 6. Teachers of younger students could use this site with their students. QuickTime is necessary to view the movie.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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