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S I T E     R E V I E W

April 2002

Resource for Language Arts and Math.


The Dositey.com site provides numerous online language arts and math activities for students in grades K-8. In addition, the site provides printable work sheets. Teachers may register (free) and take advantage of the work sheet builder that is available.
The site has colorful child-friendly pictures. However, an advertising banner runs at the top of every page.
Tabs across the top of each page allow access to each grade-level area, and each page also provides buttons on the side to most areas. Links are also accessible at the bottom of each page to all areas. A comprehensive site map is also available.
This site provides excellent activities and work sheets for all areas of language arts and math for grades K-8. For example, the K-2 Language Arts section has online activities covering the alphabet, phonics, reading and writing, spelling, and vocabulary. The activities include a memory game for matching uppercase and lowercase letters, a fill-in-the-blank activity for word family review, and a find-the-missing letters activity for spelling. You must have Shockwave for the activities and a fast connection is preferred. Math activities go from number recognition to basic algebra and cover number sense, time, money, and basic facts. Activities appear to be entertaining and grade-appropriate. In most cases, a link to printer-friendly pages is available for the printable activities. The section called Mindtwisters presents logic and critical-thinking problems.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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