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April 2002

The U.S. Mint's Site for Kids
Interactive site about coins.


This site, also called H.I.P. (History in your Pocket) pocket change, offers many entertaining and informative games and activities about coins. Kids can put together a puzzle of a state quarter, watch an animated movie about how coins are made, and read lots of fun facts about the U.S. Mint and what it does. A time machine takes visitors back to look at periods in this country's development and lots of other games and activities involving coins.
This professionally developed site is colorful and inviting, but not too busy -- very child-friendly!
The U.S. Mint's Site for Kids is easy to navigate, and the activities load surprisingly fast, considering the quality of the animations and activities. Many activities opened in a new window, which made moving back to the original page quite simple. There is a search function, and easily accessible links appear on each page.
This is a quality site that kids and adults will enjoy. The site presents plenty of factual information about the Mint and its workings, along with activities such as Cents of Color, a paint program for kids; Coin Memory Machine, concentration with coin fronts and backs; Mark My Words, a word search with lots of history included, and many other great activities. The Teacher section provides lesson and unit plans involving the Mint and has project suggestions and links to other coin-related sites. The Camp Coin section includes an animated timeline of the development of the coins of our country. This site is not to be missed for anyone who is interested in the history of our money!

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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