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April 2002

Internet Field Trips
Take a field trip without leaving the classroom!


Internet Field Trips, provided as part of the larger Scholastic site, is an exceptional lesson planning resource for teachers.
This professionally created site is attractive and user-friendly.
The field trips are organized by subject area with topical subcategories. The tabbed menu at the top of the pages allows easy navigation of the main areas, and each subject area has a topical index of links.
This excellent resource from Scholastic is just what the teacher ordered for lesson planning. Each of the trips provides appropriate Web sites for enhancing specific curriculum topics. All areas of the curriculum -- reading/language arts, science, math, social studies, and a special section for K-2 -- are included. The field trips meet a variety of content standards and could be used as a research guide for students using the Internet. There is a Teacher's Guide included that provides an activity overview, standards, technology tips, and classroom strategies. And of course, the other deep resources of the Scholastic site are linked from the pages.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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