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April 2002

Book TV.org
Watch and listen as authors discuss their books.


Book TV.org is the companion site to the weekend program Book TV that C-SPAN2 runs regularly on nonfiction books. The site contains archives of the popular programs that can be viewed right from your desktop.
The site uses a simple table, adequate spacing, and few graphics to keep the pages neat. Visitors will need RealPlayer to view the video.
Navigating is made easy with index bars at the top and bottom of each page for the entire site. A left-side navigation menu allows visitors to explore the different programs aired on Book TV. Users can search the site by category, book title, author, or keyword.
Students, teachers, and parents will find Book TV.org to be a valuable resource for the study of nonfiction literature. Students can watch and listen as the authors themselves discuss their books. Visitors to the site can access the TV program archives by clicking on the Watch Online button on the top menu bar or by clicking on the program categories: History on BookTV, Public Lives, Encore Booknotes, Featured Program, and Children's Books. The site has a two-month archive of each program, and the featured books have a description, a brief author's bio, and a link to watch the video online. Included at the site are bestseller lists, programming information, and reviews of books featured in upcoming shows, as well as a list of national and international book events.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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