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April 2002

WonderNet: Your Science Place in CyberSpace
Hands-on science activities.
GRADE LEVEL: K-6, Parents\index.html

WonderNet, part of the larger site from the American Chemical Society, offers hands-on science activities and explanations for children and adults.
The site uses graphics and colors that make it appealing to a younger audience.
The left-side menu makes the site easy to navigate. Content is organized into four main areas: Activities, Grown-Ups, What's Up, and Past Issues.
The WonderNet activities can be used in the classroom and in the home school to supplement the curriculum or as fun learning experiences for parents and their children to do together. The activities cover a variety of topics, from solutions to volcanoes and gases to chemical reactions. The hands-on approach encourages students to use the scientific process. There is a section just for grown-ups that gives the science behind the activity, explains how the activity complements the science curriculum, and offers a downloadable file of science fair ideas. Connections of the science principles to everyday life are explored in the What's Up? area. Included is an archive of topics from the previous months. updated.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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