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April 2002

The Napoleonic Guide
A one-stop resource for the Napoleonic era.


This site offers more than 1,000 pages of information on all aspects of the Napoleonic era.
The guide is easy to use and somewhat bland with mostly text and a few graphics.
Content is organized into broad categories and further subdivided by topic. All topics are linked from the main page. To quickly locate information, try the site map and index.
Students, teachers, history buffs, or anyone with an interest in French history from 1796 through 1815 will want to visit the Napoleonic Guide. There is a lot of information covered here, and students will find it a useful resource for report writing. In addition to information about Napoleon himself, his family, and his career, the site offers information on other aspects of the era, such as major powers and coalitions, battles and campaigns, armies and soldiers, and much more. Key images, maps, lyrics to songs and a glossary are also provided. If you want to check your knowledge of the times, give the weekly quiz a try. Each week, ten new questions are offered. The site is continually being added to and updated.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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