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April 2002

The Physics Zone
A "resource for learning introductory level, algebra based, physics"
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12, Advanced


The Physics Zone presents introductory level physics concepts in a multimedia format that is engaging as well as informative.
The main page of the site is a rather bare-bones search tool, but upon further exploration, users will find engaging lessons, reviews, and solutions that are created in Flash, QuickTime, or Shockwave format. An online test for browser plug-ins is available at the site.
The site features a top navigation bar on the main page and a bottom text menu on subsequent pages. The content is organized by topic and can be easily searched with the onsite search tool. Also available is a Web search and dictionary search on the main page.
The Physics Zone was developed to be "resource for learning introductory level, algebra based, physics" and it accomplishes that goal very well. Broad topics include motion, forces, work and energy, momentum, and more. Students needing help with a particular topic can simply type the topic into the search tool and be presented with a list of all related pages along with the date they were created. Alternatively, students can browse through the Lessons, Review, or Solutions. Lessons, tutorials, and reviews are presented as multimedia simulations that make learning interesting and fun. This is a great site for visual learners. Included are a handy online calculator, a link to a science image finder, and a list of related links and resources.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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