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April 2002

Ocean.com - Everything Ocean
Multimedia presentation of "Everything Ocean"


Just as the name implies this deep resource offers a multimedia look at any and everything that has to do with the ocean from sea animals to scuba gear.
The site is appealing and user-friendly. A variety of options are available for viewing such as small or large video files, modem or broadband and QuickTime or Windows Media Player formats. Required plug-ins can be downloaded at the site.
Ocean.com presents the six major sections of the site as links on the homepage. There is a top navigation bar for easy steering through the site from any area.
Anyone with an interest in the ocean will find Ocean.com an exciting site to explore. As visitors dive deeper into the main areas of the site they will find information on everything from marine conservation to ocean sports and ocean travel. For classroom use, teachers and students will want to visit the Ocean Channel, Poseidon's Library and the Ocean Gallery. High quality streaming video of sea animals in their natural habitats, documentary films and public service announcements on conservation as well as multimedia presentations using Flash technology and wonderful photographs are available in the Ocean Channel. For report writing, students will find quick facts and images of ocean creatures or may send their questions to a marine scientist in the library's Creature Feature or Ask Poseidon sections. Selected photos from the gallery could be used to take students on a virtual tour of "the world beneath the waves". Professional and amateur filmmakers and photographers are given the opportunity to submit their work to the site for publication.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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