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April 2002

School Renewal WebCenter
Resources for school renewal.
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals, Parents


The School Renewal WebCenter is "a resource for school leaders who are engaged in the continual process of school renewal." It offers ideas and strategies that have been found to be effective.
The site uses soft colors, large print, and a consistent layout that make is easy to read. QuickTime is needed for the videos, but the Web editors have included a text script for each video for those who are unable to view it.
The major areas of the site are available on all pages from the left-side navigation menu. Links are clearly marked within the text, and a link back to the home page is provided. Visitors can search the database of resources by keyword, site type, script, or challenge.
In this age of accountability, school leaders are constantly being pressured to improve the educational impact schools have on students. This site offers strategies and ideas that teachers, administrators, and parents can use to help in this process. Strategies are discussed in the context of other schools where they have been tested. Administrators can see the benefits and the drawbacks of using them as well as explore how the problems were solved in other school districts. These resources look at school renewal as an "ongoing process of individual and organizational reflection, and critical inquiry." A strategy of the month is featured that includes video clips of the strategy being implemented. Additionally, the site explores reasons for change, challenges encountered, differing philosophies of change, and related Web resources. This is one that especially administrators will want to bookmark!

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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