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S I T E     R E V I E W

April 2002

Center for Women and Information Technology
Information on closing the gender gap in information technology.
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12, Advanced, Professional

This site provides information and resources to women with a focus on closing the gender gap as it pertains to the IT industry.
The site has a clean, user-friendly interface with lots of white space and few graphics.
Resources are organized into broad categories and listed in the left-side menu on the main page of the site. Each page has a link back to the home page.
The Center for Women and Information Technology (CWIT), located at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, is a rich resource for women and girls who are users of IT or planning to study computer science as a profession. Those planning careers in Information Technology will find information on the CWIT Scholars Program. Other areas of interest are a current list and an archive of news articles relating to women and IT; a book list, arranged by year of publication, that includes other information such as a companion Web site, review or interview; curricular resources for those seeking to incorporate IT into women's studies; links to UMBC's Women's Studies Online Resources; and other related links.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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