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March 2002

Virtual Developing Country
Learn the economic issues of a developing country.
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12, Advanced


Virtual Developing Country is a subsection of Biz/ed, a British service that provides a free economics resource for teachers and students.
The design and layout has a professional look with a user-friendly interface.
The Virtual Developing Country is part of a larger site. It is divided into three main sections available from the main page. Each section has a sub-menu of pages.
This is an outstanding site for the study of economics. In the Virtual Developing Country, students can take a series of five field trips to learn about the developing country of Zambia in Africa. This virtual world introduces "many of the issues and ideas that are of interest in the field of development economics". The site is divided into three major sections: Background, Field Trips, and Resources. Visitors can take an annotated photo tour of the country, view maps, or embark on any of five field trips to learn about the copper mines, rural life and agriculture, foreign aid, trade, or wildlife. Each stop on the tours introduces students to the people and places as well as the related economic issues. Teachers will find everything needed to use the resource effectively in the classroom, including teacher's guides, work sheets, a glossary, and downloadable data sets, as well as development, geographic, economic and political background information.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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