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March 2002

Make your own interactive online jigsaw puzzles.


This interactive site has a host of online jigsaw puzzles to solve, or you can create your own by uploading your own pictures. Registration is required for creating your own puzzles, but it is free.
This site is obviously graphic intensive and requires a Java-enabled browser. The site runs banner ads that may not always be appropriate for children.
The site has a graphic as well as a text index of sample puzzles from which to choose. The puzzles are indexed according to several broad categories.
JigZone has something for all ages. Users can choose interactive online jigsaw puzzles that are as simple as six pieces all the way to the 247-piece puzzles. By registering at the site, which is free, users can upload their own pictures and choose the format that will be used to create the puzzle. Young students could practice their mouse skills by choosing the six-piece animal puzzles. Older students will enjoy more of a challenge, and teachers could upload pictures that go along with their units of study for students to solve. Whatever your age, you won't want to visit this site unless you have time to explore!

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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