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March 2002

Mercury Rising: Bearing Witness to Climate Change
The effects of global warming.

This Web site chronicles an expedition by the One World Journeys team into the Monteverde Cloud Forest to study the effects of climate change on our planet.
The site is interactive, is colorful, and uses high-quality photographs. Flash Player is required.
The site features a top navigation bar for moving between the different areas of the site and submenus for moving within each area.
The One World Journeys team went on a trek through the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica to study the effects of global warning and allowed students and teachers to participate via the Internet. The journey is complete, but the daily journals, photographs, lesson plans, questions and answers that were posed to the team, essays, stories, actions anyone can take to help, and related links are all available for students and teachers to explore. Be sure to check out the Eco-Gallery, "a visual journey through time and change."

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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