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Originally published March 2002
Link update March 2006

Voices of the Holocaust
Listen to the accounts of Holocaust survivors.


This collection of Holocaust survivors' testimonies was created by the British Library National Sound Archive for its oral history program.
The pages have a consistent, low-key format with black-and-white photographs.
This well-organized site makes the main sections of the site available from the main page. Each subsection has an index of topics and a link back to the home page.
Students and teachers will find the Voices of the Holocaust a valuable resource for Holocaust studies. The site is divided into five major areas: Teachers' Information, Reference, Testimony Library, Student Information Cards, and Student Topics. In addition to the stirring personal testimonies of the Holocaust survivors, teachers will find enough material to teach an entire unit. The site includes transcripts of the recordings, activity cards for students, background information, teaching suggestions, maps, a chronology, and a glossary. This is a must-see site!

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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Originally published 03/15/2002
Link last updated 03/28/2006