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Flying Turtle Science and Technology
Explore basic principles of science.

This site explores energy and other basic science principles in an entertaining format.
Whimsical, original drawings are used throughout the site to break up the cleverly written text.
A site index is available on the right side of the home page and is repeated on subsequent pages. Links back to the home page are provided. There's no clear-cut navigational pattern, but according to the site, "There are no wrong turns. You are allowed to wander and to wonder."
The Flying Turtle covers all types of energy in nature and human technology and is "dedicated to learning and a simple appreciation of the wonder of life." Written in a creative style that holds the interests of middle school students, it provides basic explanations of how energy controls the way things work in nature. The articles are accurate, easily understood, and thought-provoking. Best clicks for students would be the The Animals Had It First section to explore what they have in common with animals or Energy Changes That Make Thinks Happen to learn what kinds of things happen as a result of the energy change. The Photosynthesis, Energy, and Life section not only gives an explanation of the plant process but includes information on food chains, energy pyramids, and some very cool colored pencil drawings to illustrate the concepts. At "Ask Dr. Galapagos" students can send in their burning questions to be answered.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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