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Kulture Kidz
Learn about African-American culture with Kulture Kidz.
GRADE LEVEL: K-8, Parents


Kulture Kidz is "dedicated to teaching African-American culture to children."
The fun, well-designed site utilizes bright colors, cute graphics, and easy-to-read text.
Visitors can navigate the site by clicking on any of the graphic links on the main page. A bottom navigation bar offers text links to all the main areas of the site.
Kulture Kidz is a safe, fun, interactive site for children, teachers, and parents. It is designed to help students understand African-American culture. The Black History from A-Z section gives a snapshot of an important African-American for each letter of the alphabet. Timelines of black inventors and black females, book reviews, and a photo gallery are also available. Students will enjoy the interactive games and puzzles in the Kool Korner.

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