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BlackDog -- The Site for Kids!
Fun and educational interactive activities.
GRADE LEVEL: Pre-K - 8, Parents


This site provides hours of activities for kids and young teens! The content is appropriate, and many of the activities are educational as well as entertaining.
The site has bright colors and fun, interactive graphics.
Links are displayed on the main page. The site also provides a search tool.
This family-friendly site is fun and cheerful. Links include Billy Beaver's Game Show (arcade games and puzzles that can be played online or downloaded and played offline) and Miss Kitty's Storybook (stories to read or finish with Miss Kitty). In addition, a page explains how to write a story. Miss Kitty also provides a section where you can play with word magnets to build your story. The Internet Refrigerator (think "refrigerator art") has several online coloring books and some that can be downloaded. The BlackDog's Post Cards section offers child-friendly e-cards to send to others. Patty's Bird Brain Jokes is just what it says -- a section of cute, child-friendly jokes. There is also a section with games and activities related to the holidays. Finally, there is a link that offers online games and activities about zoo animals. The entire site is attractive and very kid-friendly!

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