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Fool's Gold: A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood
Should computers be in elementary classrooms?
GRADE LEVEL: Parents, Professional

This report from the Alliance for Childhood, an organization "concerned about the plight of children today," explores the consequences of introducing computers into grade schools.
The site is well-designed and attractive, with a soft background color and few graphics.
A table of contents guides users through the report.
This report focuses on the idea of using computers in the elementary classroom. The full text of the report is online and examines the concern that the "benefits of computers for preschool and elementary school children are being vastly overstated." It explains developmental risks, such as hazards to the child's physical health (for instance, musculoskeletal injuries or vision problems), and risks to the child's emotional health, such as the inability to foster relationships. The report is very interesting and raises some good points, but doesn't necessarily explore both sides of the issue completely.

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