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The Multiage-Educators Home Page
Tips and strategies for setting up and managing a multi-age program.


This site offers a lot of useful information relating to multi-age education. Maintained by a multi-age teacher, the site includes contributions from other educators and research-based advice on setting up and carrying out a solid multi-age program.
This site features bright colors and few graphics.
Navigating this site is simple. The home page consists of a table with links to each section. The table also gives information about what is found in each section.
If you are looking for information regarding multi-age education, this site is quite valuable. It offers instructions and tips for setting up and running a successful multi-age classroom, as well as a list of links to other multi-age Web resources. A list of recommended books, a page for kids with lists of recommended Web sites, and a collection of technology tips are also available on this site.

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