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Story Arts Online
Explore the ancient art of storytelling.
GRADE LEVEL: Professional


This site, created by storyteller and author Heather Forest, is designed to help educators improve their storytelling skills.
Lots of great graphics appear on this site! The site also features a variety of colored borders that provide visual interest.
Graphic links on the main page and text links in the bottom navigation menu give users access to the different areas of the site.
The Story Arts site will help you hone your storytelling skills. Users can explore ways to practice storytelling, such as retelling folktales and collecting family stories. Teachers will find lesson plans, activities, and articles that involve fresh ideas for using storytelling to teach language arts to students. The "Storytelling in the Classroom" section presents some compelling benefits of using storytelling with students (for instance, it allows students to explore cultural roots and develop important speaking and listening skills). A collection of folktales, including Aesop's fables, is available for students to explore and retell.

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