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Science, Tobacco & You
A multidisciplinary, multimedia, science curriculum resource.


Science, Tobacco & You is a multidisciplinary, multimedia, science curriculum resource developed by the Center for Integrating Research and Learning at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University.
This well-designed site features informative graphics and a pleasing layout. Users will need a Java-enabled browser.
The content is organized into several major areas, which are accessible from the left-side menu. Each area features graphic links to the detailed information. There is also a page dedicated to navigation help.
Science, Tobacco & You educates students on the issues of tobacco with the hope of reducing tobacco use. Resources are available for teachers and students. Engaging activities help students explore the harmful effects of tobacco on the body, learn strategies for handling peer pressure, and recognize the advertising techniques that promote tobacco usage. Teachers will find a wealth of resources, including lesson plans and program information. The site also includes an area for sharing lesson plans with other teachers, frequently asked questions, and tobacco-related news stories.

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