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Real-time data help students learn about marine life.


This site from Wheelock College offers research data and field studies about marine animals, as well as suggestions for using the data in the classroom.
The site is visually appealing, with appropriate graphics and adequate spacing. It is available in several languages. Users will need QuickTime to view the movies.
Visitors can access different areas of the site from links on the main page. An on-site search engine and an index also help users find information quickly.
In addition to maps and databases, WhaleNet offers students and teachers the opportunity to share information and to use the data to learn more about marine animals. Students will find many videos and slide shows of various kinds of whales and their activities. They can also e-mail questions to a marine scientist, track marine animals, find up-to-date information, and play an identification game. Teachers will find a downloadable information packet, as well as other curriculum materials, classroom opportunities, organization information, and professional development opportunities. Additionally, the site offers help for finding information and a tour for first-time users.

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