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Switcheroo Zoo
Be the mad scientist!


Switcheroo Zoo is a fun, interactive site where students will enjoy watching animals morph into other animals right before their eyes.
This site is fun and colorful, and the graphics are amazing! The Flash Player plug-in is required and can be downloaded at the site.
Visitors can access the several main areas of the site via the front page. Each internal page offers both graphic and text links for navigation within the current section. A handy help section provides tips for using the site.
Invite students to play mad scientist and create all sorts of creatures using the body parts of different animals. Students will definitely find this site fun and fascinating as they watch one animal morph into another right before their eyes. For more educational value, students can write a creative story about their animal or make a fact sheet about it. The animal pictures can be printed to be included in the stories. The site also provides lesson plans, educational games, videos, sound clips, and other resources.


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