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Inventing Modern America, from the Microwave to the Mouse
What does it take to be an inventor?

This is a companion site to Lemelson-MIT Program's book Inventing Modern America, from the Microwave to the Mouse. It features excerpts from the book, games, and video files.
This well-designed site is colorful and innovative. Roll your mouse over the keywords and get a glimpse of the contents.
The site is organized around five inventors. Visitors can access each part of the site from the front page image map or the bottom navigation bar.
This site promotes the book Inventing Modern America and offers information on the Lemelson-MIT Program, but the site also provides enough free information to warrant a visit. The book and the site "celebrate the best of American ingenuity and inventiveness." The Web site offers information on several inventors, including Stephanie Kwolek (inventor of Kevlar), Thomas Fogarty (the balloon catheter), Ashok Gadgil (a UV water disinfecting system), Doug Engelbart (a graphic computer system), Paul MacCready (a human-powered airplane). The profiles include facts, biographies, pictures/diagrams of inventions, patent lists, interviews, and videos. Visitors will also find invention-related games and resources for further study.

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