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Forestry Images
A source for high-quality photographs of forest animals, plants, and diseases.


This site, a joint effort of The Bugwood Network, the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, and the University of Georgia, provides a large archive of high-quality images "related to forest health and silviculture, with particular emphasis on educational applications."
The site has a simple table layout that uses color to mark the different areas of the site and to separate the lists of links.
The archive is sorted into several browsable categories and is searchable by keyword, subject, photographer, scientific name, or image number. Visitors can use the top navigation bar to move around the site.
Teachers and students will find Forestry Images to be a handy resource for locating images to use in multimedia reports, Web pages, and teaching materials. The images are copyrighted by the University of Georgia and can be used for non-profit educational purposes, but must be accompanied by the proper citations. Users are asked to register (for free) for full download privileges. High-quality images are available in several categories, including insects, diseases, trees, urban forestry, wildlife, and more. Each photograph is available in a variety of sizes and includes the required citation, the photographer's name, and an image number.

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