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Art Access
Resources "enrich visitors' understanding of content, style, and historical context."
GRADE LEVEL: 3-12, Parents, Teachers


Art Access is a site for parents, students, and teachers that presents online resources from the Art Institute of Chicago.
Wide margins and high-quality photographs make the site attractive and uncluttered.
The main page of the site offers several collections. Users can click on the graphic or text link to enter the collection of choice. Each collection has a top menu bar and graphic links to the pieces of art.
Teachers, parents, and students who are interested in multicultural art will find a wealth of resources here. Art Access gives access to several of the institute's collections, including: African-American Art; American Art to 1900; Ancient Indian Art of the Americas; Arts of Africa; Impressionism and Postimpressionism; India, Himalayas, and Southeast Asia; Modern and Contemporary Art; Renaissance and Baroque Art; and Rococo to Realism. Resources in each area include lesson plans, family activities, a glossary, book and media lists, and maps. The lesson plans are geared toward particular grade levels but can be adapted for any level, and the art projects in the family activities can be adapted for classroom use.

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